How to remodel to see through with an infrared camera [using a night vision camera]

1. Preparation

I would like to check the transmission effect of the infrared camera with a simple modification.

The following two points are used.

(1) camera

For this report, we used the 'Conbrov Miniature Hidden Camera’.
It doesn’t have to be the same, but it is written that it is equipped with night photography and night vision function,
Prepare something that can shoot infrared.

IR transmission filter


The one I used this time is:
FUJIFILM Light Absorption/Infrared Transmission Filter (IR Filter) IR 76

Besides that,
FUJIFILM Light Absorption/Infrared Transmission Filter (IR Filter) IR 80
or equivalent products from other manufacturers.

–> Search on Rakuten.(International shipping available)Infrared transmission filterを探す。

2. modification

Even with a camera that is sensitive to infrared rays, the infrared image is lost in the brightness of visible light during normal photography.
By attaching an IR transmission filter,
It cuts off excess light and allows only the infrared region to form an image.

(1) unscrew

(2) remove the cover

(3) remove the PT board

(4) Cut the infrared transmission filter to the size of the lens hole in the cover


(5) Completed by reassembling

3. photograph

It is recommended that shooting tests be done in daylight.

(1) Fabric (100% cotton)

Normal shot: over the fabric
Modified camera shot: over the fabric
Normal shot: Under the fabric
Modified camera shot: Under the fabric

(2) paper

Normal shot: over the paper
Modified camera shot: Under the paper

4. postscript

Even with the following cameras, we were able to confirm the effects of transmission by modifying them into infrared cameras.

(1) SQ series hidden camera


With the side color strips removed.

–> Search on Rakuten.Infrared micro camera

To prepare for the infrared camera mod, see the summary article below.

5. Expected usage etc.

It’s a dangerous world, so have you ever wanted to see what’s inside your parcel without opening it? Also, if you are in the customer service business, you may encounter suspicious people. In such a case, it would be nice to be able to know whether there is a dangerous object hidden under the person’s clothes without touching the person. Also, if the shoplifted item is hidden under clothes, it would be very helpful if you could see it without touching it. This modification does not fulfill all of these requests, but it is published in the hope that it will be of some help.
* We do not guarantee that the modification will be successful.
*We are not responsible for any damage caused by the contents of this page.